Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 8: Not Missing the Iowa Cold - its 70 here!!

Hola! Como estan?? This week went by fast! Starting to get down and dirty with the work! (not literally though). Anyways some highlights of the week:

Tuesday we had new missionary training and reviewed our purpose in the mission - so that was fun.

Wednesday we had our second district meeting and just summarized our efforts as a district and what we could improve on. We have 5 investigators that we're going to try to get a baptismal date for here in the next month or so! Later that day we did service! Our new mission president I guess, limited us to only 2 hours of service each week so we just do it all on one day! We go to a Hospice center and write condolence cards for families whose family members died in the hospice center! Its pretty fun because we write them in many different languages like Spanish, Cambodian and Japanese. pretty crazy. We had dinner with the Quintanilla family who has 2 sons and 1 daughter all very young! but basically had a thanksgiving dinner again! Then went out and visited a family (Manriquez) who had requested a blessing so... yes I did give my first blessing and I gave it in Spanish! It was a great opportunity and the father was very thankful!

Thursday was busy. Right away in the morning we got a call from a Brother and he said one of the elderly members in the ward had fallen and really hurt himself so... we went and gave more blessings! This time the man asked if I could do the annointing and the brother to do the blessing, so again I got to practice using Spanish with blessings! That night we had dinner with the Sousa family (coolest family ever, I already got the invite to come back after my mission:)) but we had fish tacos and yes I was nervous at the beginning but they were actually really really good. So yes Justin ate fish!!!

Friday we met two new investigators named Justin and Casia (bf and gf) and they are so cool! They speak English though so we had to hand them off to the English missionaries but the bf has crazy potential!

Saturday we had lunch at Panda Express but later that night we had a Christmas dinner with the whole branch and that was super fun!!

Sunday we had Spanish church and fast and testimony meeting so that was great! We then went back to some other missionaries' apartment and  then had a dinner with the Chavez family all together! They fed us spaghetti and beans! A great meal! And that basically wraps up my week!

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