Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 7: Q&A Session with Holly!!

What is your new area and your new address?
Area is Long Beach North and the address is actually just the address of the mission home 6500 E Atherton St Long Beach California 90815 I think that’s the zip code. If not I’m sure you can find it online.

What is companion’s name and where is he from?
My companion is named Elder Urbina and he’s so cool. He’s 17 months in and speaks native Spanish but also English. Hess super cool and loves basketball and all so that’s great! He's from Spanish Fork Utah too.

How’s your apartment?
Our apartment is super small and probably the smallest I’ll ever get but it works well for us! We enjoy it!

What was your ward like?
Our ward was pretty cool, all in Spanish so idk how much i understood but it was so spiritually strong! It was crazy!

How’s the weather in Ca?
The weather in CA is hot and cold at nights! And the past two days it’s rained which is really rare for Cali supposedly so that was cool!

Did you get your bike and all accessories?
I got the bike and everything all ready but we have a car so that doesn’t really matter, yet.

How was your mission President-does he have all his family there with him?
The mission President is really cool! His wife’s here but idk about anyone else!

What is 1 thing you love so far?
I love my companion! He's so funny and we work together really well!

What is 1 thing that was hard this week?
One thing that was hard was definitely the Spanish, everyone here speaks Spanish and interpreting it is so difficult for me

Did you get to have a Thanksgiving meal?
Yeah we actually had 2 thanksgiving meals and had 3 planned but were so full we couldn’t do another!

How’s the Spanish now you are in the real world?
The Spanish is tough like i said but everyone says my Spanish speaking is already really good so i guess that’s a plus

What is 1 thing you learned about your mission?
I learned that my mission doesn’t have too many baptisms so that’s interesting just because the Spanish population isn’t as high as I thought

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