Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 9: Light of the World!

Hola mi familia! Este semana estaba muy interesante! This week was very interesting! on Monday, we balled up until around 5 then got in the door of one of investigators, Edith, and taught the restoration! they're a great family with really great potential. We talked with them throughout the week as well! Tuesday we had some crazy good ice cream called Frostbites and then got challenged to a two v two basketball game in the park! we got crushed because everyone who plays in the park are crazy good! Wednesday we had zone meeting which was new! Thursday I dropped our first investigator which is really unfortunate but she just wasn't willing at all and supposedly had been taught for months before I got here. we also got caught up in a daycare fight and a bunch of kids were throwing stuff at the teacher and they were all dropping f bombs and cussing out the teacher, so the teacher turned to us and said "Elders, get em" and we just walked away. Friday I got my package and my letter from dad which was great and then we went and cleaned out my companions last apartment which took some time! but later that night we had dinner and correlation and then went on exchanges! Saturday was my first exchange and it was a great experience! I went with Elder Cruz who is the district leader! it was so great to learn from him! also it was my first time on bikes and throughout the day we had some weird experiences! We got offered a blunt and watched some kids and their mom roll some weed! that was weird! but then later that night we had a crazy experience with a member of the light of the world church and he showed us a video of his "apostle" and was crying and praising him the whole time. But me and Elder Cruz both felt such a strong feeling in our hearts that the message was absolutely wrong. So it just goes to show that during this time of false prophets and teachings, God will always make it known what the truth is. Then Sunday, we had Spanish church and got a baptism but she lives in Mexico so we had to transfer it to her hometown missionaries! always our luck! Then we had dinner with the Camarena family and then ended our week!

Man it was a crazy week but it went by so fast! Hope everyone's doing well and enjoying the Christmas Season! May God be with you in all your doings! Love and miss you all!!!

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