Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week 5 - Wow its going way too fast!!

Wow, week 5 has started and my Mexico experience is rapidly coming to an end. Very sad. I love it here! Anyways this week has flown by and i cant believe how much i think im progressing! The spanish is coming along pretty well! Also my teaching skills are getting significantly better! Yesterday my companion and I taught a lesson to our progressing investigator (our teacher) and after we felt so incredibly great about it and we taught the plan of salvation. During the lesson, our investigator asked what sin was and we explained the commandments and the other commandments we have as members of the LDS church. He was shocked but we had a few scriptures to help him understand better. After we read some verses we talked about the Atonement and how through Christ we are able to be cleansed of our sins. I then pulled out John 3:16-17 and read those and our investigator was close to tears. We wrapped up with our testimonies and with a prayer and after we were out we knew we felt the spirit. it was so strong. But later that day, our teacher Hermano Trujhillo, who is an incredibly amazing guy who just got of his mission, called me and my companion over and told us how amazingly proud he was of us for the lesson we gave and that he thought he was a real investigator at the time because he wanted to get baptized again!! how cool!! It was the best experience ive had here yet!

Also yesterday my companion and i went on splits for gym time so me and another one of my house mates went and played cage soccer! Man i can not tell you how much i miss the game! but the crazy thing is that i havent lost any of my skill. I know that the lord is blessing me. But we played with some of the other district guys and they loved it so were going out again today! I love soccer!

Earlier we were talking about missionary plaques and i had no clue what one was! So i guess everywhere in the west coast they make plaques for missionaries with their missionary scripture on it and where there going! I thought this was pretty cool and i think Dad should start in up in Iowa! It´d be pretty cool!

We did find out Trump is President and i think we all freaked out in joy because Clinton is not President! It was pretty funny!

Last night, heres the funny part of my letter! Last night the two rooms of us guys in the district had tie trading time. But this was no "Oh lets trade ties" it was almost an auction for the coolest ties in the rooms! it was so funny! one of my roommates who is so funny, has a tie that everyone wants! so when we were just wrapping up, he pulls out the tie and everyone went nuts trying to make offers for the tie! it was so funny! then being the person he is, he doesnt make a trade and goes to bed! Just to tease us all!! It was so funny! So now its a tradition every night to make trades. I ended up getting 3 new ties last night and only traded two! i got a cool red and black one, a kind of blueish green one with a pocket square and a super cool blue one with little orange dots which is so cool! it was so much fun!

Im really progressing and enjoying my time here! we have a lot of fun together. Its crazy. I hope everyones doing well and enjoying these weekly rundowns! I love hearing about everyones weeks so please feel free to write whenever! Love you all!!!

Elder Gilmour

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