Thursday, November 3, 2016

Week 4 - ¡Hola familia!

¡Hola familia! ¿Comó estan? Dang this week was crazy but I have to share one thing I forgot last week! last week my companion and I gave away our first Book of Mormon!! My companion was pretty scared so I did a lot of the talking (in Spanish!) and it was a great feeling! We just gave it to one of the construction workers and he has family in Texas who are members and has been waiting to receive a book! Anyways that was great! The Spanish is coming good but the foods not! just kidding its not too bad! I've learned more Spanish in 5 weeks than i did in 4 years of high school! crazy! We also went to the temple today again and it was another great experience! We teach lessons to investigators almost everyday and they're all going really good! Our teachers are amazing and are really patient with our broken Spanish! I know the gospel is blessing my life and the other day in the back of my Book of Mormon I read a quote that Dad had written down quite awhile ago and it was from Ezra Taft Benson and said something about how the adversary will try much harder to tempt you, the closer you come to God! and I guess I never really noticed it till now but I appreciate it! I was looking forward to some Krispy Kremes though ;) but your Halloween candy gift was great! except  ate it all in like 2 days... oops. The other day we also had the pleasure to have Presidente Castañera in our class! He's the MTC director and its very rare to have him come into classes so that was cool! Anyways, it feels like I've known my class for years! We're all so used to each other! It's great! My time is going really well and I miss you all! ¡Yo se amo mucho! Hablaremos luego!!

Elder Gilmour

These are pictures with my Latino fellow missionaries who left for the mission field today!!!

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