Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week 6: Ultima Semana!! (Last week in English)

¡Hola familia! ¿Comó estan? this week flew by pretty fast and not too much has happened so ill let you in on the details!

Today we packed all of our stuff up for when we leave! Talk about crazy! Then after we got done packing we went and played basketball for two hours and of course we played volleyball in honor of the Jags winning three straight!! So something cool that happened this week with basketball though was that i dunked in a game two handed! and then i slammed one down one handed pretty strong! the other companions were going nuts! so i guess all the walking we do here has paid off!! it was crazy! also for our gym times all week, we've been playing soccer and were going to play cage soccer after were done here too! I got them hooked on it ;) so its been a great day so far!

This week is all about improving our teaching skills and Spanish speaking, so its been pretty hard! especially since its our last week and you know how teenagers are! we love to slack off! but we haven't done that too much! It was sad though because we're the only people left in our district because all the others have left already! so it was sad to say goodbye to those guys knowing our time was coming up. so that was hard.

The food here is still wrecking people left and right. My companion got an infection in his throat and stomach this week so we've been at the doctor quite a bit this week! thankfully i haven't had the same experiences. Last week we also had 100 people who got food poisoning, so that was crazy too. Im ready for american food again.

Other than that not much has happened this week! just getting ready to head out in Tuesday morning at 2:30 in the morning! No sleep for this guy! It's also weird because my companion who's going to the same mission as me, has a different flight plan and schedule than I do, so looks like ill be alone for a bit!

Anyways, that's about the gist of my week! Getting close to mission time! How awesome! Oh and btw... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! i totally forgot to tell you last week! I hope it was great! anyways the next time ill be writing will probably be the day before i leave which is Monday so ill let you all know how it goes! Love you all!

Elder Gilmour

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