Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 12 - Much work to do - little time to email!!

Sounds like things are crazy and great and awesome!! Happy for Jordan!! And the show choir of course! I really want them to do well so Jordan can have a great experience! I know show choir really was a great experience for me and i want the same for him!! Church here is great! I really wish you guys could experience it! I love the families here and the constant love they have!

This week was pretty normal!! We had zone meeting this week though and got to meet all the new people in the zone! We also studied a lot this week just because we've been needing some help finding and teaching! We only had dinner one time these past two weeks!!! Crazy right?? So we've been starving! We finally got fed by the Souza family though which is great because they're so loving!! We love them!! But this Saturday we had a very interesting experience. It was about 8:30 at night and we were tired, ready to head home, but we decided to go visit one of investigators who isn’t progressing too much. His name is Jose. We've been stopping by for the past 4 weeks and he hasn’t been home! So we decided to drop by! Surprisingly enough, he was home! We invited him to church and he said yes! So on the way back, we ran into 3 others! We did the same thing with all three of these people and they all accepted return visits and to come to church the next day! It was amazing! But, there's always a but. The next day at church none of the 6 people who committed to going to church came. And it was really unfortunate. We were sad especially since there was a baptism after that they could've attended as well! But we'll visit them this week and try and follow up!

This week I studied a lot in PMG chapter 6 i believe, Christlike Attributes and mainly about Charity and Hope. The Book of Mormon has really helped in strengthening my testimony and helping me to realize how important it is! I love hearing about your week and everything! I hope everything is going well! This was really the highlight of the week though! Good and bad!

But I miss you all a lot and appreciate your support! Love you all and hope you all have a great week!

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