Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 11: Happy New Year from Cali!

Hello all!! Crazy to believe that it's 2017 already!! This week was nice! Monday before emails I forgot to say that i got a haircut and then played volleyball with the President's family for their P-Day! Tuesday was a busy day and it started with us cleaning out the rest of my companions old apartment! That took a lot of time unfortunately but after we went to go visit a less active family named the Salazars! theyre super cool and have 2 sons who are our age who both LOVE soccer! Its great! Wednesday was pretty busy as well, we had District meeting and service which took up a lot of our day and then went out with a  member Hno. Quintanilla, and tried to visit as many people as we could! it was a good night! Thursday we had weekly planning and we got leadership calls! My companion got called to District Leader and wasn't too excited about it, but accepted the challenge! We decided he needed a cheering up treat so we went to this place called Afters! Its ice cream which they squeeze into a close donut! It was amazing! Friday, Elder Urbina had leadership training so i just sat in the Mission office for about an hour waiting until he was done! After that we went to breakfast with our investigator Bessy! She took us to a Hondurian spot and we had these things called Baliadas. They're basically just tortillas with beans sour cream and chicken put in the middle and they were great! Later that night we got to set up the New Years Dance with the Souza family because they needed a lot of help! Saturday was pretty slow just because everyone was gone for New Years Eve so we tried to get in to places to talk but didnt find really any success. Sunday, the first day of the New Year, we started the day by going to church! It's always great! After the Souzas had leftover pizza from the New Years party so we went and picked it up and had it to break our fast! After dinner we went to the Salazars house again because they're a wonderful family and we really are pushing to get them active again! After that though we got transfer calls and learned that Elder Urbina and I would be staying! I was pretty happy about that! Thats really the sum of the week for me! We had some great experiences and its time to start my Black Year! (The whole year from Jan 1 to Dec 31 without seeing your family) So here we go!
Love you all and miss you all! Hope you had a great New Year and are doing well!

Elder Gilmour

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