Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week 3: from Mexico City!

Today was awesome and this week has flown by!!! I learned this week that one of the missionaries that got here when I did is coming to the the Des Moines Stake!! His name is Elder Wood! Hes from California and really cool! Hopefully you'll get to meet him! Dad asked about my other roommates so I'll tell you about them! Their names are Elder Sorenson and Goulding! Elder sorenson is from Utah and is going to Mesa Arizona while Elder Goulding is from Cali and is also going to Mesa Arizona! They are some of the coolest guys I know and I've bonded so well with them! Its going to be hard to say good bye but we'll still stay in contact! theyre both really funny and I like to have fun so it works out okay! In my house we have some Mexican elders and they are the funniest people i know and one is messaging me right now! they are so awesome and we love staying up late talking to them everynight! its awesome! so today we got to go to the Temple and it was flat out beautiful. Idk if Rob and Michelle have been but it is now my favorite temple and I'm sure they can testify that! It was amazing! The whole session was in Spanish but we had devices that translated it to english. It was amazing! I have plenty of pics ill send soon! The food here isnt terrible and I'm actually beginning to eat like everything though! Elder Goulding my roommate though reminds me of myself because all he eats is bread!! its quite funny! Its been great and the spanish is coming! I still have 3 weeks so hopefully I'll be pretty fluent by then! I say all my prayers in spanish now though and its so awesome! Its been a great week and i hope everyones doing well! I miss you all! feel free to send those letters again because they always make me feel loved!! love you all!!!

Elder Gilmour

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