Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 2: Hi from Mexico City! Its P-Day!

Hello family!!! i have no clue where to begin besides the fact that my spelling and everything will be bad because I'm typing on a Spanish keyboard!! To start, i arrived last Tuesday and the fact that its already been a week and a half is nuts!! its been going by so fast ever since sunday! the first week we gt settled in and got used to things! I share a house room with 3 other guys and they're all so cool! my companion is Elder Jones and hes originally from Buckingham England but came from Virginia! Hes super funny but also really dedicated to the work! hes really good at Spanish and everything too so that helps so much! the two other guys are Elder Sorenson and Elder Goulding. Both know like no Spanish but they are down right hilarious!! After the first week we really became a close family and its crazy how close we are already!! they make me enjpy it here and its great! basically our everyday schedule is wake up at 6:30 and get ready, eat breakfast, go to class and learn Spanish for like 4 hours and then go to lunch! after lunch we go back and study our lessons for our investigators {fake} and then we have gym time! gym times fun because theres a lot of good basketball players here and i can actually compete!! after gym time i go back and get ready for the rest of the night! after were ready we have daily planning and then we have dinner! the food heres pretty good but after about a week is when your favorite seat becomes the toilet! lol after dinner we teach our investigator and then were done for the night! its pretty fun! my roommates all gave each other nicknames. Mine is G or He in Spanish, my companions is Indy because he has the same name as Indiana Jones! the other two are Spencer because someone miss pronounced Sorenson and the other is patron which in Spanish means boss! we call him that because hes the district leader! so yeah were pretty funny guys all together! theres a store here and i bought a super cool scripture case for my spanish scriptures and it has my name engraved on it! its super cool! ill send pics next week! so far my spanish is coming along well and im able to talk and read the scriptures to the Mexican missionaries in my house! and by the way, they love soccer and were actually going to play tonight :) i need you guys to send me a picture of my cleats because they all want to see them! also! if you would like to send me stuff and letters so i can read them throughout the week that would be great! so then i can respond by writing it down and typing on pdays! the website is Missionary Package Mexico! feel free to send krispy kream donuts for my roommates too :) i miss and love you all! if you have questions or anything, send me a letter through that website and ill see it right away! ill send pictures once i get them uploaded as well because theres a great view of the mountains here! the mountains arent super tall but they are packed with houses and its so cool! but sorry this emails short! I'm new to this!!!! i miss you and feel free to send packages or letters through that website whenever! Love you

Elder Gilmour!
(pretty cool huh :))

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